Sweet Discoveries: Top 3 Bakeries Around Clapham Junction

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Craving delicious baked goods in Clapham Junction? Look no further! We’ve scoured the neighborhood to find the top three bakeries that will satisfy your sweet tooth and more. Read on to indulge in these mouthwatering delights.

1. Manna Dew: A Gluten-Free Haven in Battersea

Manna Dew, nestled in Battersea, takes the cake when it comes to gluten-free pastries. Their selection is a dream come true, featuring treats like apple cinnamon chausson, maple pecan twists, and lemon ricotta twists. What’s even better? They meet the requirements set by Coeliac UK, ensuring a safe indulgence for those with Coeliac disease.

But there’s more to Manna Dew than just being gluten-free. Their pastries are anything but dry or heavy, and they even offer dairy- and egg-free options, like the delightful honeycombed square puffs. While it may be a tad pricier, starting at £1.70 for small pastries and £7 for two-piece boxes, the taste makes it all worth it. Whether you visit in person or opt for online delivery, Manna Dew promises pastry perfection.

2. Arapina: Your “Healthy Lifestyle Bakery” in Greenwich

Nestled within the Atrium Heights apartment complex in Greenwich, Arapina is more than just a bakery—it’s a hub for a healthy lifestyle. The bright and inviting interior boasts a range of baked treats, many of which are free-from. Don’t miss out on their vegan pain au chocolat (£2.95)—generously sized and an absolute delight that mirrors the traditional version.

For those with a savory craving, Arapina has you covered with pastries stuffed with sautéed veggies, spicy tomato dressings, and creamy, dairy-free béchamel sauce. Your taste buds and your well-being will thank you.

3. The Bright Store: Bethnal Green’s Pastry Paradise

Located in Bethnal Green, The Bright Store at Bright House offers a dedicated menu of free-from pastries that will leave you craving for more. From pear Danishes to delectable croissants, their range is both diverse and scrumptious. The standout is the peach Danish—a rare find that’s generously sized and utterly indulgent.

But that’s not all. The café’s commitment to eco-friendly and ethically sourced produce shines through. Their vegan filled croissant, stuffed with coconut-based cheese (nut- and soya-free), paired with tomato and “ham” (tofurkey), chili jam, or sun-dried tomatoes with pesto, takes sandwiches to a whole new level.

The Bright Store is on a mission to provide the best vegan pastries in town, and they’ve certainly succeeded.

There you have it, the top three bakeries around Clapham Junction where delectable pastries and baked delights await. Whether you’re gluten-free, vegan, or simply craving something delicious, these bakeries have something to satisfy every palate. So, go ahead, treat yourself, and enjoy the sweetness of life right in your neighborhood!

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