The Landor Space


Fringe Theatre

70 Landor Road
London SW9 9PH


The Landor Space

The Landor Space is a contemporary arts and culture centre situated in Clapham, London. All in all, the space serves as a platform for local artists and cultural practitioners to showcase their talent and works to the wider community.

Arts and Culture Space for Venue Hire

The Landor Space is an inclusive community hub for arts and culture. Additionally, the space hosts a variety of events, including exhibitions, performances, workshops, and talks, providing a platform for artists, performers, and cultural practitioners to showcase their work and engage with audiences. Moreover, the space is versatile, accommodating a range of mediums, including visual art, music, theatre, and dance.

Exhibitions and Events

The Landor Space hosts a range of exhibitions and events throughout the year, featuring the work of emerging and established artists and cultural practitioners. As a result, the exhibitions and events are carefully curated to reflect the diversity of the community and explore themes of identity, social and political issues, and the environment.

Workshops and Talks in Arts and Culture Space

In addition to exhibitions and events, The Landor Space offers a variety of workshops and talks for the community. Furthermore, the workshops cover a range of topics, from visual art and music to creative writing and wellbeing. The talks explore issues related to arts and culture, with speakers from a range of backgrounds sharing their expertise and experiences.

Community Engagement in Arts and Culture Space

Specifically, the Landor Space is committed to engaging with the local community, providing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to participate in and enjoy arts and culture. The space partners with local schools and community organisations to deliver programmes that promote creativity, learning, and wellbeing.

Venue Hire

Additionally, The Landor Space is also available for private hire, providing a unique and versatile venue for events, meetings, and gatherings. The space is fully equipped with audio-visual equipment and can accommodate up to 80 people. Moreover, hire fees are competitive, with discounts available for community groups and non-profit organisations.


In conclusion, The Landor Space is a vibrant and inclusive arts and culture centre in Clapham, London. The space provides a platform for local artists and cultural practitioners to showcase their work. It offers a diverse range of exhibitions, events, workshops, and talks to engage with the community. As a result, whether you’re an artist, performer, or simply someone who enjoys arts and culture, The Landor Space has something for everyone.

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